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Mike Harding

Role & Organisation

Research Fellow in the School Of Computing & Communications and Data Science Institute at Lancaster University.

Background & Expertise

Mike’s research explores the design and integration of pervasive systems (IoT) & distributed ledger technologies in highly collaborative environments with a primary interest in the maintenance of transport infrastructure (i.e. roads, rail), where information, task and social networks are highly distributed across digital and physical boundaries. Through long-standing collaborations with infrastructure maintainers (Highways England, Balfour Beatty, Network Rail) his expertise is grounded in drainage asset management with a particular awareness of the socio-technical challenges involved in the deployment of data-driven technologies in manual work-based settings, typically void of data-guided processes.

Role on CDIP Project

As part of the research team from Lancaster, his primary focus on CDIP is to develop an understanding of public and professional perspectives on the use of blockchain in empowering patients to have more autonomy and control over their personal health data. In particular, Lancaster will lead user engagement and co-design activities to better understand the ethical, legal and practical concerns patients and health practitioners have in adopting more decentralised approaches to consent management and data sharing in the health sector.


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