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Dr Gail Davidge

Role & Organisation

Research Associate in the School of Social Sciences, Law department, University of Manchester.

Background & Expertise

Gail is a chartered Psychologist and has been involved in many different fields of qualitative research which include education, health and law. Involving key stakeholders in research practices forms a key priority of her work to date. Gail is especially interested in subjectivity and power relations and looks forward to exploring how the CDIP platform might give rise to alternative ways of involving citizens in decisions about the use of their health data.

Role on CDIP Project

Gail is collaborating with researchers across the different work packages in order to investigate the technical, legal, ethical and social aspects of managing access to health data through DLTs in the UK health care context.


Learn more about Gail Davidge on her institute’s website, her researchgate page and for more publications visit her ORCID profile.