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Theme 1 has finished the first phase of public engagement and complied a report from the conducted research activities and subsequent analysis. Find it here.

Looking for some code and technical developments of the platform? Visit our Github page!

Related Publications

Our team has expertise in DLT, health informatics and bioethics research. Browse some of our recent publications below:

Blockchain in health care: hype, trust, and digital health
Authors: Leeming G., Ainsworth J. & Clifton DA.

Commercial Use of Health Data – a Public “Trial” by Citizens’ Jury
Authors: Tully M., Hassan L., Oswald M. & Ainsworth J.

Enabling Patient Control of Personal Electronic Health Records through Distributed Ledger Technology
Authors: Cunningham J. & Ainsworth J.

Computable Information Governance Contracts
Authors: Cunningham J., Leeming G. & Ainsworth J.

Smart Donations: Event-Driven Conditional Donations Using Smart Contracts On The Blockchain
Authors: Trotter L., Harding M., Shaw P., Davies N., Elsden C., Speed C., Abadi A. & Hallwright J.

Making Sense of Blockchain Applications: A Typology for HCI
Authors: Elsden C., Manohar A., Briggs J., Harding M., Speed C. & Vines J.

A Mobile Platform for Event-Driven Donations Using Smart Contracts
Trotter L., Harding M., Elsden C., Davies N. & Speed C.

Trusted Brokers? Identifying the Challenges Facing Data Centres
Authors: Thornton, L., Neumann, V., Blair, G., Davies, N., & Watkins, J.

Should I Agree? Delegating Consent Decisions Beyond the Individual
Authors: Nissen B., Neumann V., Mikusz, M. A, Gianni R., Clinch S., Speed C. & Davies N.

Enhancing the International Regulation of Science Innovators: Reputation to the Rescue?
Authors: Devaney S.

Control, trust and the sharing of health information: the limits of trust
Authors: Holm S., Birk Kristiansen T. & Ploug T.

The ‘Expiry Problem’ of broad consent for biobank research – And why a meta consent model solves it
Authors: Ploug T. & Holm S.

The biobank consent debate: why ‘meta-consent’ is still the solution!
Authors: Ploug T. & Holm S.