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Research Overview

CDIP project timeline

The CDIP project is divided into three interconnected themes which in themselves are separated into work packages. In regular meetings, the team members exchange vital information, results and plan next steps to develop the key areas of the platform.

Work streams and project organisation


Theme 1: User Requirements & Social Contract

WP 1: Investigation of legal, ethical and socio-technical requirements

Led by Professor Søren Holm & Dr Sarah Devaney. Research undertaken by Dr Gail Davidge, University of Manchester.

WP2: Public engagement, co-design of social contract and Technology Impact Assessment Report

Led by Professor Nigel Davies. Research undertaken by Mike Harding & Victoria Neumann, Lancaster University.

Theme 2: Technical Development

WP 3: Core Platform Development, Led by Dr James Cunningham, University of Manchester

Check out our GitHub page for the core architecture.

WP 4: Identity and Reputation

WP 5: Analytic Supply Chain

Theme 3: Sustainability & Impact

WP 6: Business Sustainability

Led by Professor John Ainsworth, University of Manchester

WP 7: Project Management

Led by Dr Claire Smith, University of Manchester